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Natural language processing (NLP) / Artificial Intelligence (AI) scientist


Job title: Natural language processing (NLP) / Artificial Intelligence (AI) scientist

Company: Artech Information Systems

Job description: Job Description

Job Description:

Job Title: Natural language processing (NLP) / Artificial Intelligence (AI) scientist

Duration: 24 months

Location: South San Francisco, CA, US

PR: $63 – $70/hr. on W2

Job ID: 23 – 13560


The gCS Medical Language Processing (MLP) team is seeking an NLP/AI Scientist, reporting to the head of gCS MLP, to join and support the team who will conduct the multimodal large language model (MLLM) training on biological science texts and literatures, and be responsible for the language modeling development and deployment for downstream drug and target discovery jobs. This NLP role will also support our current NLP projects in clinical protocol documents analysis and modeling by applying NLP and Client methods.

The gCS MLP team impacts Cancer immunology, Translational Medicine, Clinical Science and Operations in Client biomarker/target identification and drug development, trial design, planning and predictive tools through NLP, machine learning/deep learning modeling approaches. The NLP scientist will have the opportunity to get exposure to a range of cross-functional interactions with Oncology Informatics, OBD/OMNI informatics, Research AI/Client; and across multiple therapeutic areas including oncology, immunology, neuroscience, metabolism, infectious disease, and others.

The NLP Scientist will function as the NLP/AI expert in one or more ongoing high-value projects, and will (when appropriate) work with the head of gCS MLP to initiate new projects that further gCS development goals, and that fill existing demand within the company. The NLP Scientist will have a strong command of existing techniques in NLP and Client/DL, and will establish and apply new AI methods to specific problem domains pertinent to the MLP project suite. This position requires the incumbent to leverage strong natural language processing, machine learning knowledge and hands-on experience for solving real AI problems. With the supervision and mentoring of the head of gCS MLP, the NLP scientist will develop and implement Client mathematical and algorithmic techniques for machine learning applications of gRED AI projects. More specifically, as part of the multimodal large language model team, the NLP scientist will be responsible and implement the large language model training on external and internal biological and medical documents/texts/literatures, and transfer the pretrained model for specific downstream tasks, like reading comprehension, information retrieval/extraction, question answering in scientific documents. Besides, the NLP scientist will support our current NLP projects on clinical trial protocol analysis and modeling, and deploy the model for clinical operational usage.

This is a high-impact high-visibility position with significant autonomy in a fast-moving, intra-preneurial, and cohesive division of Genentech that already has a reputation for innovation. You’ll have the opportunity to work with other world-class researchers and leaders, and you’ll be positioned to make a substantive impact, across the company as a whole, and in the lives of everyone who benefits from our treatments and cures.


● Serve as the NLP scientist across one or more high-value projects, and manage, assist, and foster the teams working on those projects.

● Be responsible to develop the large language models and deploy them into practice for downstream NLP tasks. Function as a key team member in the multimodal large language modeling team.

● Participate in cutting-edge research in machine intelligence and machine learning applications.

● Act as an implementer to design and run experiments, including designing and evaluating new algorithms as well as implementing known algorithms.

● Develop solutions for real world problems in clinical trials, drug/target discovery, and biomarker analysis.

● Provide intellectual support to other MLP team members and share your knowledge and achievements within our MLP team.


● PhD degree in Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Bioinformatics, Computational Neuroscience/Biology, or a related computational discipline, or equivalent combination of education and practical experience specializing in Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and deep learning.

● Experience with developing large language modeling is a big plus.

● Experience with developing vision-language modeling is a big plus.

● Experience of developing and applying advanced natural language processing, machine learning and deep learning models in practice.

● Experience with transfer learning, meta learning and predictive modeling is a big plus.

● 3+ years of relevant professional or academic experience with a proven track record in NLP, machine learning or deep learning and software engineering.

● Public and private repositories and a track record of contribution to an open source package.

● Proficiency with programs such as Python, C++, Scikit Learn and PyTorch.

● Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

● Excellent oral and written communication skills.

● Ability to lead cross-functional multi-disciplinary teams.

● Ability to work effectively in teams and collaborate with others to solve challenging business problems.


Nithin Raj J

Associate Recruiter | Core

Cell: 973.786.2848 | Phone: 973.507.7544


Expected salary: $63.67 – 70 per hour

Location: San Francisco, CA

Job date: Thu, 20 Apr 2023 07:19:16 GMT

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