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Nichely is an AI-powered SEO tool that helps users build detailed topical maps, construct topic clusters, and find relevant long-tail keywords to boost their authority in any niche.

The tool utilizes OpenAI's GPT-3 technology to navigate and correlate millions of topics and generate hyper-relevant keywords based on the exact topic in question.

Nichely offers efficient topic discovery and exploration within any niche to help users build broad and comprehensive topical maps. Additionally, the tool allows users to construct comprehensive topic clusters that cover the critical angles on a subject and decide which topics are worth tackling by finding genuinely relevant long-tail keywords.

The tool offers three main features: Topic Discovery, Topic Research, and Keyword Research. Through these features, Nichely empowers users to dive deep into each topic by providing overviews, descriptions, and terminology definitions with third-party APIs.

Nichely also offers a credit-based pricing system based on usage, and credits never expire. It caters to a broad range of users, including content/niche website owners, entrepreneurs, and founders building out a blog, people constructing strong topical clusters and maps, or anyone needing more contextual keywords.

Nichely offers a detailed FAQ section and customer support to answer all user queries.

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