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Search Ads Optimization AI


Optimized campaign performance via ad search.


Apple Search Ads Optimization AI, also known as SAO, is a tool designed to help advertisers improve their conversion ratios, reduce their cost per acquisition, and minimize wasted ad spend on their Apple search ads campaigns.

SAO uses artificial intelligence to automate bid management in your ad group and dynamically controls keyword bids to be cost-effective, allowing you to expand your keyword lists without worrying about overspending.

The tool provides a unified and customizable interface that allows you to easily analyze the performance of all your campaigns, ad groups, and keywords in one place.

With SAO, advertisers can reduce manual work since the automated AI optimization runs around the clock. SAO is beneficial to your campaign budget since it attempts to improve the conversion ratios of your ad groups while providing unified reporting to help you easily understand the performance of all your campaigns.

Setting up SAO is easy and takes less than five minutes. The AI-based automated bid management service optimizes and constantly monitors your campaigns using algorithms to automatically adjust your ad groups for maximum performance.

SAO is ideal for Apple search ads campaigns, and many advertisers can integrate their Apple search ads accounts and get started in minutes to optimize and analyze their campaigns.

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