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Analyzed financial data and tracked KPIs centrally.

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Sturppy Plus is an AI-powered financial data analytics platform that allows businesses to centralize their live data from various sources with one click.

It automates the calculation and tracking of core KPIs specific to a user's industry and business, eliminating the need for maintaining a data-pipeline or setting up data warehouses.

Sturppy Plus provides customized live dashboards and reports for businesses to create their own reports seamlessly and establish a single source of truth of business metrics.

Sturppy Plus is ideal for established businesses generating at least $10K/mo in revenue or having raised a minimum of $250K in funding. This platform is different from Sturppy Planning, which is suited for early-stage businesses building financial models for applications to incubators/accelerators, raising seed rounds, or gaining a better understanding of the economic potential of a new business.

Models created using Sturppy Planning are not connected to live data sources. Sturppy Plus offers a free 1:1 demo and resources, including a financial glossary and blog, to help users gain a better understanding of how to use the platform.

Sturppy Plus's privacy policy is transparent, and users can sign up or log in to access the platform. Overall, Sturppy Plus can save businesses hours of manual work by providing all their financial metrics and live data in one platform.

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