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Typeboss is an AI copywriting tool that offers users the ability to generate high-quality content quickly. It can produce a variety of written materials such as blog posts, ad copy, paraphrasing, and more.

Typeboss uses OpenAI's GPT 3.5 Turbo language model to provide a user-friendly interface and generate almost instant results. The tool is available in 33 different languages and is GDPR & CCPA-compliant.

It is currently being used by over 1,000 companies worldwide. Typeboss offers an extensive range of tools such as 1-click blog content generation, ideas, lists & more, marketing content creation, poetry & song lyrics creation, and sales copywriting.

The tool also allows users to describe their product and input a few keywords to generate the most accurate results. Typeboss provides users with an unlimited number of workbooks and is continuously adding new features to the platform.The pricing for Typeboss ranges between $2.99 and $9.99 per month, with three different plans based on the number of word credits and features required.

The tool is accessible through Google Chrome and offers users a free trial. The free trial includes 1,000 words and ten image generations and the option to try out the service and see if it is suitable.

Typeboss also has a support email address available for customers to send feedback, requests, suggestions or concerns.

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