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Enhanced reading experience w/ factual info access.

Wiseone is an AI-powered browser extension that aims to enhance your online reading experience. It offers various features that simplify the process of accessing factual information and learning about different subjects.

The extension works on over 80,000 websites and can help you verify facts with different sources, simplify complex concepts, and summarize content on any website within seconds.

It provides access to quality information based on diverse sources and an intuitive usage experience with practical tools at your disposal.Wiseone's text processing AI combines multiple algorithms, including deep neural networks, to define terms, summarize articles and extract the main facts and topics of an article.

The algorithms are constantly being refined and improved to stay up to date with the ever-evolving world. Wiseone's policy towards GDPR ensures that your confidential data will not be used for advertisement or commercial purposes.Wiseone can be easily installed by clicking on the “Add on Chrome” button, creating an account, and allowing access to the extension.

The extension only uses a small amount of your computer's resources and does not notably affect your browsing experience. If you have any feedback or need support, you can contact the Wiseone team on their feedback channel or via email.

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