Analyzing Search Term Reports



ChatGPT can be a valuable tool for analyzing search term reports on Amazon. By providing specific prompts and questions related to the task, ChatGPT can assist in identifying key patterns and trends in search terms, helping to optimize advertising campaigns and improve product visibility. ChatGPT can also generate new ideas for long-tail keywords and provide insights into customer search behavior.


"Based on [specific time period], can you provide some insights on the top-performing search terms for my [specific product/category] Amazon advertising campaign? Also, please suggest some related [long-tail keywords/secondary search terms] that could be added to the campaign to improve visibility and drive more traffic/sales."
"How can I [effectively/efficiently] identify and prioritize [specific type of] search terms to optimize my [specific product/category] listing on Amazon? Please suggest some [tools/resources/strategies] that can be used to streamline this process and improve advertising campaign performance."
"What are some [proven/innovative] strategies for identifying new [long-tail keywords/secondary search terms] for my [specific product/category] on Amazon? Please provide some [examples/case studies] of successful campaigns that have used these strategies to improve visibility and drive more traffic/sales."
"How can I use search term reports to [effectively/efficiently] improve my [specific product/category] visibility and increase sales on Amazon? Please suggest some [specific tactics/optimization strategies] based on the search term data that can be implemented to improve performance."
"What are some [key/critical] patterns and trends that I should [pay attention to/look for] when analyzing search term reports on Amazon for my [specific product/category]? Please provide some [insights/recommendations] on how to effectively use this information to optimize advertising campaigns and drive more traffic/sales."



Use ChatGPT to generate ideas for long-tail keywords that you may not have considered before. Ask for examples of relevant long-tail keywords based on your product or industry.
Ask ChatGPT to identify patterns and trends in search terms across different time periods. This can help you to identify changes in customer behavior and adjust your advertising strategy accordingly.
Consider asking ChatGPT for recommendations on how to optimize your product listing based on search term data. This can help improve your product visibility and ultimately drive more sales on Amazon.

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Preliminary Steps to Using the Prompts: A Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to SEObyAI’s Marketing and SEO Prompt Vault, where creativity meets efficiency!

To make the most of the prompts and ensure a smooth experience, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Get an Active ChatGPT Account: If you haven’t done so already, create an account at:
  2. Select a Prompt: Browse the extensive list of prompts available in the vault and choose the one that resonates with your objectives.
  3. Familiarize Yourself with the Prompt: Carefully read and comprehend the prompt’s content. If you encounter a placeholder (typically in the format [placeholder]), remember to replace it once you’ve copied the prompt into ChatGPT.
  4. Test the Prompt: Copy the chosen prompt and open a new ChatGPT Chat. Paste the prompt into the chat interface, ensuring that any placeholders are appropriately substituted.
  5. Refine and Enhance: After receiving the response from ChatGPT, invest time in editing and revising the output as needed. You can also engage in a dialogue with ChatGPT, seeking further clarifications or providing new instructions to refine its output.
  6. Ignite Creativity: Utilize the prompt as a springboard for brainstorming innovative ideas for your project. Explore various angles and perspectives related to the topic at hand, and record any compelling notions that come to mind.

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